Błysk Sp. z o.o.

Błysk Sp. z o.o. is a leading distributor of cosmetic and household cleaning products. We have been successfully present on the market for more than 27 years, since 1991. Thanks to our experience, we have been valued and trusted by thousands of Clients. We cooperate with them on an on-going basis to give them the opportunity to better know and to sell a range of exceptional, tested and carefully selected brands. We have been constantly expanding our offer by adding prime quality cosmetics with a growth potential on the Polish market. We offer both mass market brands and exclusivity products which have been now widely developed in distribution and in marketing. Our offer for Clients include, among all, extremely popular cosmetics of Holika Holika Korean brand, Makeup Revolution make-up products, Provocater prime quality hybrid nail varnishes, FINE household articles, Natural Planet organic products and other widespread and well-known brands, e.g. Nivea, Loreal, Marion, Verona, Joanna, Eveline Cosmetics, Max Factor, Bielenda and many others.

Błysk Sp. z o.o. Capital Group comprises several independent businesses, including:

  • BŁYSK – distribution of cosmetics and household cleaning products;
  • Drogerie Polskie – franchise retail network established in 2010. Today, this is the fastest growing drugstore network in Poland, with more than 200 retail stores; 
  • Drogerie Visage – own stores;
  • SELECTED – own cosmetic and selective brands;
  • FINE – own brand which offers household products;
  • Błysk Investment Group – real estate business.

What else to know about us?

  • First of all, we have our own distribution centers and are able to handle each month timely deliveries to more than 2,500 of our Clients.
  • Second of all, we work with the largest retail networks on the Polish market.
  • Thirdly, our offer includes now up to 12,000 different items, so even the most demanding Clients will find there some brands and products of interest.
  • Moreover, thanks to our work and efforts that we have engaged we can now boast about a number of awards and prizes which recognize our experience, commitment and the quality of cooperation and services provided to our Clients.

If you are interested in further cooperation, please go to Contact section. We are ready to answer any of your questions and provide you with additional information.

Prizes and awards:

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